What should everyone know by writing a report?

The topic of this article is to help people on their report writing by giving some useful tips.

How to write a report depends totally on who your supervisor is and which requirements does he/she have. There are reports containing all the required types, others do only partly. Below you can find the full list of the requirements you can generally meet.

Basically, a report is a kind of summary of things you had to do, with a clear structure. Nevertheless, to make you avoid some useless questions, here it is step by step.

Transmittal letter

A letter of transmittal can be defined as a separate, short document which goes along with the report. Making this action you inform your recipient that you send a report, and, as well, what kind of report is it and which were the requirements to meet. Some important points concerning the letter of transmittal:

  1. Always write it looking back at your business letter’s etiquette. Make sure you’ve included the name and the address of the recipient. At the end of the letter, you should meet your cordial salutations, as well as express the pleasure of being in contact with the person.
  2. Unless it was specially required, don’t include a transmittal letter

The report title page – the thing all begins with

What is necessary to be put at the first page, is:

  • Title;
  • The name of the person or organization who will receive the report;
  • The name of the report’s author;
  • The date of completion.

The title page may also include the phone number if required

What we also advice: as the can be many variations, ask directly to the person, what exactly must you write

Acknowledgements, how to write them?

Every good report should contain a page in which the author thanks all those who helped him in writing: teachers, supervisors, etc.

Do it as sincere as possible, don’t be too general. Thank every person especially.

Summary abstract: what kind of text it is, how should I write?

The part’s aim will be communicating to the person reading the goal of your report and to name the topics under discussion. In this way, this part easies future research. As soon as you compose the summary, name its key points and resume each of them to only one sentence. It would be better to put it to end. So you see the text of the article and can outline the main features. Also ask yourself, what can make interested another person in that search. If you are not sure, however, you can ask the assistance of a report writer.

Well, I’d like to know about the content table?

It actually reflects the structure of the report. You must put the titles and the names of the sections to ease the task to the reader. Make a list all headings, and the numbers of pages. Include also the names of appendices. It may be useful to make a draft table before.

Figures: how to deal with all it?

All the things mentioned above you must number according to chapter’s number. In case the number overpasses 6, separate the page with corresponding numbers. And don’t create a page as a space between them.

In which way should I write the executive summary?

Don’t overpass one page. This is what you should include:

The purpose, the background of your report, sources of information, findings and conclusion. You should notice that the part is to be composed so that even an audience without specific knowledge could catch all the thoughts.

Write the intro

Beginning with the length, just make it 1,5-2 pages. Concerning the content, please include goal and object of the report, info about the background, the used sources, the scope of your study, your methodology, with the information, assumption and briefly overviewing plan. Then, start with a kind of specific sentence, don’t hesitate to put in pictures to ease the task of understanding for the readers. Be also sure you catch the purpose yourself. Try to make some comparison concerning the literature review.

Main body and conclusion

To sum up, you must be specific and precise in these parts, avoid useless and long sentences. It will only worsen the impression. Present your ideas in a suitable and comprehensible way.