Freelance article writing jobs for beginners

Starting writing online

Though it may seem unbelievable, working as a writer online is a prestigious job, which can be paid really well. Getting started with some easy tasks, you may work your way up to well-paid orders. Other bonuses are working from home, which means you don’t have to hurry to the office every day, and can fix your own schedule. Writing articles about different spheres is amazing as you get more educated day by day.

Before leaving your current job, try freelancing, as it’s the best way to understand whether it’s a good fit for you or not. Fortunately, you don’t need a college degree to write online, the only thing that matters is your passion and desire to work. As soon as you get started, you understand that your love for writing is the most important.

First orders

Be ready that at the beginning of your writing career you have to write about topics that are not your piece of cake. To build up your portfolio, take any orders, even if they are the super low per-word rate. This way you will get the experience you need to master all writing skills.

To take first order, you may use online services for freelances or content mills that offer quite easy tasks which are paid very little. Writing job boards offer more serious works and require more time and effort, and the rate for them is higher.

There are several kinds of services where you can find your first order:

  • Content mill jobs;
  • Freelance marketplaces;
  • Job boards;
  • Websites which accept submissions.

All they require some kind of commission, so it’s up to you which one to choose.

Becoming a professional writer

Content mills are a good way to start your career. To try article writing jobs online, search for posts with offers. Usually, clients place them with all the requirements needed, so you get a really detailed task of how to write an assignment. As soon as you are chosen to do this work, try to meet the deadline, this way you will build up your reputation.

The more orders you take, the more experienced you become, so try different tasks and genres. Further, you may start searching for order on freelance marketplaces, which are more serious as you need your resume and portfolio to apply for the job there. A client chooses from all freelances and hires the one he thinks is the best for his task. It means that you’d better apply for topics you are experienced at, as this kind of jobs requires some knowledge in a particular sphere.

Then you may move to job boards to find some regular clients, or try to sell your articles on special websites. Both options require more experience, so prepare a good portfolio first.

Starting your own blog

Online blogging is a popular way to set up your business online. If you feel you are an expert in some spheres, this may be a perfect way for you to create original content and get first views and audience. Clients will find you themselves and ask for your writing skills, so run your blog as well as you only can imagine. Connect your blog to all possible social media, so clients could find out more about your personality.

To enjoy your writing career, don’t forget to get new information in the sphere you are writing about. Sometimes you may feel out of ideas, and trying something new can be a way out. Go to an art gallery, to a museum or a rock concert to get some inspiration, you never know what will get you a new idea. Stay in touch with all modern tendentious, have your finger on the pulse, and you will be always on the top.