What is deep-linking?
Deep-linking means enabling links to specific deep-views or deep-states within an app. By opening up these deep-views and deep-states within an app and allowing them to be directly linked from outside (like from search, within other apps etc), users can reach the final state of their intent faster.
Why is deep-linking important?
Deep linking, especially on mobile is a powerful way to help users find what they are searching for and accomplish tasks all within a relevant context. Deep-linking on mobile apps will help drive growth for many types of apps. Implementing deep-links on your app is made easy and streamlined with the AppURL platform.
What is AppURL?
AppURL is a cross-platform, public standard that supports deep-linking. AppURL continues to be at the forefront of establishing deep-linking standards.
What does AppURL do?
AppURL defines a robust public standard that can be adopted by developers to make their mobile and desktop apps deep-linkable.
How do I get started with AppURL?
For documentation on how to get started with AppURL, go here.
What is the difference between custom and http/https schemes for deep linking and which should I use?
AppURL is not about transforming http URLs into custom schemes. Instead, AppURL aims to standardize http as the all-platform URL scheme, thus including apps. AppURL recommends developers to implement http-triggered app launching when possible, while maintaining AppURL compliance through the use of URL schemes and appurl.json.
Should I use only one of sitemaps, meta-tags or appurl.json or some combination of all three?
Supporting AppURL means hosting a valid appurl.json file. The AppURL HTML meta-tags and sitemaps are optional and supplementary to appurl.json. appurl.json maps URLs at function-granularity, while HTML meta-tags and sitemap.xml maps URLs at state-granularity.
How does AppURL compare with other deep-linking standards? Why should I use AppURL over others?
As shown in the table, all main standards today which provide a public, cross-platform standard for deep linking their apps support the same specifications. Using AppURL ensures that Developers’ apps are successfully deep linked and follow the same standards as specified by Google App Indexing, Facebook App Links and Twitter App Cards.
Who else uses AppURL?
A growing list of companies are using and supporting AppURL. Some of these can be found here.
What are future plans for AppURL?
Plans are in the works for AppURL to soon support mobile only clients. AppURL is also going to provide developers with the capability to support more specific deep views. AppURL will soon be adding support for all platforms/operating systems/devices.
Where can I send questions, comments, bugs, feedback on AppURL?
Please email contact@appurl.org with any questions, comments, bugs and feedback on AppURL. We look forward to hearing from you! We usually respond within 24 hours.