Anyone can link to AppURL-enabled apps with our appurl.org/go service.
For example, http://appurl.org/go/www.yelp.com links to Yelp.

AppURL-enable your app

1. Pick a URL scheme

AppURL requires you to declare a custom URL scheme that your app can handle on all platforms.

A URL scheme is the part of the URL before the first colon. Some common schemes are http, https, mailto and tel.

AppURL recommends not using schemes like yelp, imdb or spotify. These schemes may look nice, but there's no system for avoiding naming conflicts with them.

Instead, AppURL recommends you use your website's (sub)domain as your scheme.

For example, we picked grid6.us as the URL scheme for our Grid6 example app, because that's where its website lives.

Don't worry about putting periods in your scheme. The URL scheme explicitly allows this:

Scheme names consist of a sequence of characters beginning with a lower case letter and followed by any combination of lower case letters, digits, plus ("+"), period ("."), or hyphen ("-").

2. Make your apps handle URLs

After you've picked a URL scheme, the next step is to make your apps handle URLs beginning with that scheme.

For example, our Grid6 example app handles URLs like grid6.us:/wusjeswq.

Read more about URL handling on your platform:

3. Host an appurl.json file

After you've programmed your apps to handle URLs, the last step is to host an appurl.json file on your website that tells AppURL clients:

  • Which native app editions exist for which platforms
  • Where users can download your apps to get the native app experience
  • How http URLs on your website should get transformed into custom-scheme URLs that open in your apps

See the appurl.json overview.

Add your AppURL-enabled app to our list

AppURL.org maintains a list of AppURL-enabled apps. We hope to provide:

  • A standard reference for linking to apps
  • An efficient API for http-to-custom-scheme URL transformation

After you follow the three steps above, you can add your app.

Contact us

If you need help linking to AppURL-enabled apps or AppURL-enabling your app, or just have feedback or questions, send us an email and we'll try to respond within 24 hours. Email us at contact@appurl.org.